Voice broadcasting becomes almost illegal, what can you do?

Voicelogics.org has a solution to make voice mail marketing legal while complying with all FTC voice broadcast guidelines.

For many years, businesses have enjoyed great benefits from the use of voice broadcasting. Voice broadcasting has an inexpensive and expedient means of delivering marketing sales messages to new and existing clients. Voice broadcasting has been an excellent tool for marketing to the mass audience.

However, the laws have changed in September 2009 and have made voice broadcasting almost illegal. Voice broadcasting will never be the same again. The only way to send a voice broadcast message, according to current laws, is to have written permission from the recipient before sending the message.

These new legal constraints have hog-tied voice broadcasting as a marketing tool. The users of voice broadcasting have been stunned and surprised with the new changes in law. These changes will affect the way some companies do business.

Voice broadcast users probably looking around, for a new medium similar in price and in function that can replace voice broadcasting systems.

Luckily, there is something that may satisfy, their need to continue voice broadcasting services. A new service by name voicemail courier makes it possible to resume mass communication with a pre-recorded message. This voicemail courier method for mass communication is legal and very much like voice broadcasting. Its legal because a live person attends the delivery of every call, satisfying the new FTC voice broadcast compliance requirements.

This service uses proprietary software developed by Voicelogic.com.

The function of voicemail courier can satisfy the needs of voice broadcasters who were displaced with new FCC regulations for voice broadcast compliance. The price will be a bit higher than typical voice broadcast rates. Check out voicelogic.com and see if they can help you.